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Easy Guide To Creative Writing

by Graham Andrews

Have I got a story to tell!

How many times have your heard that claim?

What is creative writing? It’s about writing something fresh, original, right from the heart. Become a story teller, because that is what creative writing is about - telling a story you feel passionate about, with its interesting characters, a unique plot, and a setting that could even be out of this world.

How do you develop your talent and become a good writer? Learn the art of story telling. Learn how to weave your characters and their situation together.

An ordinary story won't have any impact, and probably won't be published because it will be boring. Creative writing is more than writing about the ordinary, mundane events of life.  Throw a person out of their depth in their life’s situations, and you have the beginnings of a story as they struggle with the conflict you have imposed on them.

It's your story, so go on, create that story within.

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Easy Guide to Creative Writing