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One of My Lives

By Georgina Clarke

From the platform of the author’s curiosity as to the purpose of her life, with its seemingly unconnected and diverse phases, the writing takes shape under the direction of ‘the other’—the writer’s muse. It is in this way the underlying premise slowly guides the story.

Christina, born the second female child of an Australian farming family in the nineteen twenties, has had every aspect of her life journey planned by higher spirits to prepare her for her main purpose which is to co-parent progeny to carry forward a specific rare gene vital to the progress of humanity.

Disclosed to her subconscious in a dream, she hears herself eagerly agreeing to the life path laid out for her. It gives her a longed-for opportunity to become a mother, with all that that entails, she having been barren in all prior lives.

She journeys through her life consciously unaware of the plan and its purpose. At a very deep level, however, she does know, and throughout her life intuitively follows it enthusiastically, giving her all until its ultimate fulfilment.

Finally spent and empty, she receives an inflow of loving spiritual forces, from which come feelings of reverence, wonder and delight—in her present life, and insightfully she is given to see, expanded into a life to come.

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One of my Lives

ISBN :   978-0-9924642-5-7

164 pages

Price: $US10.00 approx