Flairnet is an independant Australian book publisher

Independent Australian book publisher

Flairnet® … An Independent Australian Book Publisher

Flairnet is an independent Australian book publisher, established in 2013.


Flairnet provides a service to authors who want to self-publish their books. We take manuscripts from the Word document or similar, and develop, in cooperation with the author, their print book, and an e-book, using a print-on-demand printer. We will work with an experienced graphic artist so their book will have a stunning full-colour cover. The ISBN will be registered in the name of the author or their business, so the book is entirely the author's property.

While we would like to think all manuscripts we receive are of a very high standard, we can direct authors to editors who will ensure their books are of the high standard their readers demand.

We believe our rates are very fair and reasonable.

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About our books

We have published a range of books about writing, self-help, and children's books. We will be expanding the range of titles in the near future with a great range of new books.

We have republished the popular book You're On Air that was originally published in 1995 by Currency press.

To help you develop your writing skills, we have published several books in the Easy Guide to writing series. They are Easy Guide To Science and Technical Writing - a guide to writing articles for peer-reviewed journals; Easy Guide To Writing Winning Essays - a guide to writing essays for university or college assignments; Easy Guide To Creative Writing - a guide to writing creative works such as short stories and novels.

Flairnet's latest release - Reach For the Sky - Become the writer you have always wanted to be, covers several genera of writing, including writing your own book, self-publishing, writing travel articles, romance, writing for radio, the detective story, and writing for the web.

There’s In Your New Image, a book about the use of visualisation and creative imagery to bring about significant changes in your life.

We have also published two children’s novels - Island Of The Barking Dog, and Dad Kept Bees.

We have released One of My Lives, by Georgina Clarke. We designed Negatives of Glass for the author, Diana Watson. This 512 page book included the complete set of glass negatives relating to the early life of the Tilba region of New South Wales.

We intend adding other interesting titles to this list, so please check back often.

With our new blog page, we intend discussing issues about writing and publishing. We intend updating this page often.

All books are available as print books and as e-books


Independent Australian Book Publisher

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With writing, I can tell my story. But with publishing, others can tell their own story.

This is the story behind Flairnet’s philosophy.