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Practical Arc Welding - Welding techniques and projects for the home and farm.

This book is a practical guide to getting you started in arc welding. All the basics of arc welding are covered in this book. Get started in welding with the right advice, and information about buying the right equipment and working safely with your welder. Learn how to weld all types of steel, and to carry out lasting repairs on steel items. Learn how to work with mesh, and to repair items made from cast iron. Details instructions for 23 projects to make are included in this book.

Reach For the Sky - Become the writer you have always wanted to be

Writing is many things to many people. It is an expression of their thoughts, it is developing those special skills they posses as a storyteller. Whatever the motives of writers, most, if not all, write because it’s that one thing that is so important to them at the time. That’s all they want to do. That’s all they want to be—a writer. This book covers many different genera of writing, including writing the short story, writing a novel, a detective story, romance, and even writing for community radio and for the web. If you are just starting out in writing, this book covers so many different types of writing. If you are an experienced writer, this book will help you expand your writing fields.

Easy Guide to Creative Writing

Have I got a story to tell! How many times have your heard that claim? What is creative writing? It’s about writing something fresh, original, right from the heart. Become a story teller, because that is what creative writing is about – telling a story you feel passionate about, with its interesting characters, a unique plot, and a setting that could even be out of this world. How do you develop your talent and become a good writer? Learn the art of story telling. Learn how to weave your characters and their situation together. It’s your story, so go on, create that story within.

In Your New Image

This book is about visualisation, or creative imagery. Use it to improve your performance and skills in your everyday life—in your studies, in your hobbies, in your sports, and to raise your level of self-confidence in social situations. Develop the self-confidence to increase your levels of achievement in a wide range of activities and remove obstacles to reaching those goals. Visualisation can help us believe in ourselves—the path to many great personal achievements. Each chapter deals with the benefits of using visualisation in a wide range of situations.

You’re On Air. Writing, preparing and presenting programs on community radio

Are you ready for the challenge? The challenge of writing for radio ... writing your own radio drama, or radio documentary. Would you like to write local news bulletins?  And would you like to present your own radio programs? Radio is about entertaining people. It’s about educating them. It’s about amusing them. It’s a process of enriching the lives of others. Radio is about doing something that enhances your enjoyment of the arts and entertainment. Community radio can provide you with the venue to express your talents. It can be the starting point for many careers in radio, and your involvement in your community radio can be viewed as just the starting point.  

Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays

The good news is that writing winning essays—earning good marks for your efforts—is not much harder than writing poorly structured essays that will bring down your total marks for the semester. Essays form an important part of most university and college qualifications. Marks are awarded for the way you write essays. A good essay means good marks, higher grades, and so on. Remove the difficulties of writing essays. Plan your work. Make sure you understand the question. Address only the question you are asked to write about. Earn those extra marks by writing winning essays every time.

Easy Guide to Science and Technical Writing

Publication in a reputable, peer-reviewed journal should be the goal of all researchers, as publication is the main means of disseminating the results or findings of what can often amount to years of research. Career advancement these days is, to a large extent, dependent upon publication in reviewed journals. The applicant with an impressive list of published journal articles will be ahead of those with a meagre portfolio of published work, or none at all to their credit. This book shows you how to structure your article. There is ample guidance given in planning your article, breaking the material down by using headings, and the details that go into each section of your article - Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and so on. There is useful information about the use of illustrations, graphs and tables, and how to submit the data used to compile the graphs.

Island of the Barking Dog

The four friends are dismal students at most things they try – schoolwork, and particularly in sports. When they all entered a race in the swimming carnival at the beginning of the year, the rest of the school criticised their poor performance. After the carnival, they went to their favourite spot by the river to get away from the rest of the school. It was there that they heard a dog barking on the island in the middle of the river where the water was the widest. They swam with great difficulty to the island to find out what was going on. Over the following months, they had to care for the dog and feed it. That meant swimming across the river to the island twice a day, every day, even in winter.

Dad Kept Bees

When beekeeping became an important part of their life, the family wasn’t prepared for the surprises in store for them, sometimes embarrassing, mostly humorous, but always fun, especially for the little boy whose job it was to follow his dad around the countryside taking the bees to different locations, following the honey flow, and meeting the characters from the Australian bush. Life on their own new property became a joy to them all, especially when the boy wandered off to meet other children and explore the history of the area. Like most plans, there were many upsets and disappointments, but there was a happy family who finally got what each of them dreamed of.

Secret of the Ruin

A very weird fast-moving adventure story where the ghost of the ruin takes Oliver and Charlotte to the underground world of the blue creatures.

One Of My Lives

From the platform of the author’s curiosity as to the purpose of her life, with its seemingly unconnected and diverse phases, the writing takes shape under the direction of ‘the other’—the writer’s muse. It is in this way the underlying premise slowly guides the story. Christina, born the second female child of an Australian farming family in the nineteen twenties, has had every aspect of her life journey planned by higher spirits to prepare her for her main purpose which is to co-parent progeny to carry forward a specific rare gene vital to the progress of humanity. Disclosed to her subconscious in a dream, she hears herself eagerly agreeing to the life path laid out for her. It gives her a longed-for opportunity to become a mother, with all that that entails, she having been barren in all prior lives.

In Your New Image - Using visualisation to guide you through the changes you want to achieve in your own life, by Graham Andrews, best-selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays, A guide to writing essays for university or college, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria Easy Guide to Science and Technical Writing - A Guide to writing articles for peer-reviewed journals, by Graham Andrews Easy Guide to Creative Writing, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria Reach For the Sky - Become the writer you have always wanted to be, by Graham Andrews, best-selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria Practical Arc Welding - Welding techniques and projects for the home and farm by Graham Andrews, best-selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria The Secret of the Ruin Dad Kept Bees, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria Island of the Barking Dog, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria